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Simon teaches CPR to the Bristol Bears With GWAAC Heartstarters

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

This week, Simon taught CPR skills to the Bristol Bears rugby team as part of the GWAAC Heartstarters programme. This was Simon's third time working with the club, instructing a mix of players, coaches, and staff in these potentially life-saving techniques.

The session was organised by Bears Director of Rugby Pat Lam, who has made it a priority for his squad to have up-to-date CPR know-how. The players were led through the hands-on practice of chest compressions, assessing consciousness, recovery position, and using an AED.

The sessions made for a fun and engaging way for the players to sharpen their first-aid skills. Simon noted how receptive and enthusiastic the players were, and hopes to continue working with the Bears on CPR training in the future.

Many thanks to Pat Lam and the Bristol Bears for welcoming GWAAC and Simon back, and making this learning opportunity possible. Knowing these world-class athletes are ready to provide lifesaving care if needed is truly amazing.

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