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Defibrillator unveiling at Trojan Gym


Completed Installations

Below you can find more details about our current defibrillator installations, including which ones Defibs4Bristol has directly installed and which ones we have helped others install. Currently this equates to:


For some defibrillators, you'll see details about times they were used on patients. There have also been many instances where the defibrillator was taken out of the cabinet but not actually used because paramedics arrived within the critical window. Even though the defibrillator wasn't used in those cases, removing it shows that it could have been used to potentially save a life if the ambulance had taken longer to arrive.


Direct Installations - 42

Flats4Students, Little Paul Street, High Kingsdown (June 2024)

A crucial installation in a densely populated student area. This installation, strategically placed to serve a high concentration of residents, enhances our existing network which includes St. Matthews Church and the Kingsdown Vaults Pub. With this latest addition, we have successfully equipped an area that previously lacked such vital resources. The project was primarily funded by the generosity of local residents and Defibs4Bristol, making use of the government grant scheme. We are immensely grateful to everyone who contributed.

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-06 at 18.50_edite

Bristol Rovers Memorial Stadium, Ticket Office (June 2024)

The first of two defibrillator installations at Bristol Rovers Ground was completed at the ticket office. This initiative follows Simon meeting Adam Tutton, CEO of Bristol Rovers Community Trust, after which he taught CPR/ Defib training to the Community Coaches. Their collaborative efforts, showcased in a BBC recording, inspired the club's supporters to raise funds for this vital equipment. Simon secured the defibrillators through a government grant scheme. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Bristol Rovers team and their dedicated supporters for making this installation possible.

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-04 at 12.16.36.jpeg

The Gloucester Old Spot, Kellaway Ave (May 2024)

The Gloucester Old Spot pub installation which was initiated by Simon, and fundraised for by Amy, the landlady, underscores the community’s dedication to safety. Amy’s vigorous fundraising efforts played a key role in this achievement. Positioned strategically, the Old Spot connects our other key defibrillator locations, ensuring broad coverage. Special thanks to Amy, her patrons, and all involved for their commitment and support.


J's Autofast Repairs, Julian Road, Sneyd Park (Apr 2024)

Our 36th defibrillator installation at J's Autofast, ideally located just off Sneyd Park. The team at J's Autofast played a crucial role in realising this project, recognising the strategic importance of their site for a defibrillator. Their generous co-funding of the installation, combined with Simon's efforts to distribute 400 leaflets locally—even in challenging weather—exemplifies community spirit. Situated near a bustling park frequented by fitness enthusiasts, this new defibrillator stands ready to offer vital assistance in emergencies, significantly enhancing community safety.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-05 at 17.33.03.jpeg

Pioneer At Ridingleaze Surgery, Lawrence Weston (Mar 2024)

Pioneer Medical Group, who had previously installed a CPAD from Defibs4Bristol at Bradgate Surgery, intensified their commitment by obtaining two more units—one for each of their surgeries at Lawrence Weston and Avonmouth. This collaboration was evenly funded between Defibs4Bristol and the medical group, while also leveraging the government grant programme. Both installations were finalised on March 26th. This endeavour represents another notable advancement in bolstering emergency response capabilities within these regions.

Defibrillator Installed At Ridingleaze Surgery, Lawrence Weston

Pioneer At Bradgate Surgery, Crow Lane Roundabout, Henbury (Feb 2024)

Located prominently on Crow Lane Roundabout, our 32nd installation broadens lifesaving coverage across Henbury. Conrad Energy's generous funding once again supported the defibrillator, while Simon and Defibs4Bristol fund covered the cabinet and installation. We extend our gratitude to the surgery for housing the cabinet.

Defibrillator Installed At Pioneer Bradgate Surgery at the Crow Lane Roundabout in Henlbury, Bristol

Monarch House, Smyth Road (Dec 2023)

This installation was made possible thanks to the kind-heartedness of a local business owner who has worked with us before. Along with the other installed defibrillators at The Masonic pub, CJ Hole and the two BS3 Community Centres, the Bedminster area of Bristol has much-improved coverage.

Defibrillator Installed At Monarch House on Smyth Road, Bristol

Hartcliffe Community Centre, Hareclive Road (Oct 2023)

This defibrillator was installed outside the Hartcliffe Community Centre thanks to a donation from the Walkers and Talkers group. This is the second device the group has provided.

The new defibrillator is a vital addition since the next nearest one was distant. The community centre location covers many nearby homes and apartments.

Many thanks to the Walkers and Talkers, especially Andy Brassington who spearheaded the effort. Thanks also to the local community who were eager to support the project.


The easy-to-use defibrillator is now available 24/7 outside the community centre should anyone nearby experience sudden cardiac arrest.

Defibrillator Installed At Hartcliffe Community Centre on Hareclive Road in Bristol

AFC Taxis, Hengrove Parade (July 2023)

Placed in a very prominent location, covering a large catchment of local residents and visitors to Hengrove shops. Two people had collapsed earlier this year in the immediate area, with one requiring a Defibrillator.

Sincere Thanks to the owner of AFC Taxis for agreeing to have the cabinet put outside his Rank and making a donation. Generous donations were also received from the owner of the nearby Best One convenience store and the Pharmacy. The rest of the funds came from the local community following a door-to-door fundraising campaign. The local florists at Don Gays were also of great help, making donations and keeping spirits high during this long campaign!

Defibrillator Installed At AFC Taxis on Hengrove Parade, Bristol

CJ Hole, Church Road, Bishopsworth (Sep 2022)

Kindly funded by CJ Hole for the local community. 

Defibrillator Installed At CJ Hole Estate Agents on Church Road, Bristol

Central Discount Carpets / Adore, Charlton Road, Brentry (Apr 2022)

It was obvious that there should be a Defibrillator in this location. We are grateful for the building owner and tenant’s permission.

Defibrillator Installed Between Central Discount Carpets and Adore Shop on Charlton Road in Brentry, Bristol

St Mary's Church, Mariner's Drive, Stoke Bishop (Feb 2022)

We identified a need for a 2nd Defibrillator in Stoke Bishop.

Numerous donations were received from local residents following a door-to-door appeal.

Defibrillator Installed At St Mary's Church on Mariner's Drive in  Stoke Bishop

Windmill Hill Community Centre, Vivian Street (Jan 2022)

Generously funded by the centre, following a free training session that we provided.

Defibrillator Installed At Windmill Hill Community Centre on Vivian Street, Bristol

Bristol BS3 Community Centre, Chessel Street (Jun 2021)

Funded by Bristol Charities following advice about the funding of the Stockwood Defibrillator. 

Defibrillator Installed At Bristol BS3 Community Centre in Chessel Street, Bristol

Cotswold Community Centre, Shirehampton (Aug 2021)

Kindly funded by the Community Centre following a free training session we provided to them.

Defibrillator Installed At The Cotswold Community Centre in Shirehampton

The Beehive, Wellington Hill West (Oct 2021)

Donations received from the local community via the pub, through a JustGiving page, in memory of a customer. The balance was made up from leafleting and a door-to-door campaign. 

Defibrillator Installed At The Beehive Pub on Wellington Hill West in Bristol

Bristol BS3 Communities Southville Centre, Beauley Road (June 2021)

Donations received from the local community and businesses via our JustGiving page. 

Following the installation, we trained staff in CPR and the use of the Defribrillator. 

Defibrillator Installed At Bristol BS3 Communities Southville Centre on Beauley Road, Bristol

Stockwood Health Centre, Holloway Road (June 2021)

Funded by money from Bristol charities following work with local figureheads.

This Defibrillator was used within a short time of installation by Avon Fire and Rescue.

Defibrillator Installed At Stockwood Health Centre on Holloway Road in Bristol

Bristol Property, Chandos Road (May 2021)

Kindly funded by Bristol Property.

Defibrillator Installed At Bristol Property on Chandos Road in Bristol

Methodist Church Hall, Westbury Hill (Dec 2019)

Donations received from the Church, the local community and staff at the local Lloyds bank. 

Many thanks to the South Western Ambulance Service Trust who partnered with us to undertake public training sessions on three consecutive Saturdays.

Defibrillator Installed At The Methodist Church Hall on Westbury Hill in Bristol

L’Affinage Du Fromage, North View, Westbury Park (Sep 2020)

Previously 'Max Minerva's bookshop' we were given permission from the property landlord and tenant to arrange installation, following local business and community donations.

This Defibrillator was used recently on a patient.

Defibrillator Installed At L'Affinage Du Fromage on North View, in Westbury Park, Bristol

Bristol Rovers Memorial Stadium, Thatcher's Bar (June 2024)

The second defibrillator installation at Bristol Rovers Ground, positioned outside the Thatcher’s Cider bar. This continues the momentum gained from the collaborative efforts of Simon and the Bristol Rovers Community team. The club's supporters played a pivotal role in fundraising, demonstrating their commitment to community safety. This installation, initially funded through a government grant, will be further enhanced as future plans include relocating one of the defibrillators to the stadium’s perimeter. Thanks again to everyone at Bristol Rovers and the community supporters for pushing this important project over the line.

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-04 at 12.16.35.jpeg

St Matthew's Church, Cotham (May 2024)

Our 39th defib at St Matthew's Church in Cotham went live thanks to a fantastic community suggestion. The installation, expertly integrated into the church’s historic exterior by architect Simon Pugh-Jones, maintains the building's integrity while enhancing community safety. This initiative gained momentum with the help of a generous local donor. We're immensely grateful to everyone at St Matthew's and all contributors for their roles in realising this vital project. 

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-07 at 09.51_edite

The Whitchurch Pub, Whitchurch (Apr 2024)

Funded by Defibs4Bristol, this defibrillator is placed at the Whitchurch Pub, a central hub in a busy residential area of Bristol. The pub’s landlord, Liam, in coordination with Greene King, not only supported the installation but has also committed to covering the expense of future consumables. Thanks to electrician Gary for managing the setup seamlessly, and to local councillor Tim Kent for recommending this vital location. We appreciate every local donation that contributes to these life-saving projects across our community.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-07 at 12_edited_edited.jpg

Pioneer At Avonmouth, Collins Street, Avonmouth (Mar 2024)

The second location selected by Pioneer Medical Group, in tandem with the Lawrence Weston installation. This collaboration was evenly funded between Defibs4Bristol and the medical group, while also leveraging the government grant programme. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone at Pioneer Medical Group for their continuous generosity and unwavering commitment.

Defibrillator Installed At Pioneer Avonmouth Surgery

The Kingsdown Vaults, Kingsdown (Mar 2024)

In a significant development for the area, our newest CPAD has been installed successfully. After a slow start, a generous donor's intervention enabled us to secure funding through the government grant scheme. Special thanks to the Kingsdown Vaults landlord for housing the defibrillator, and to our skilled electrician, Gary, for expertly fitting it. The CPAD went live on March 21st. Nonetheless, the high demand for life-saving equipment in the area underscores the need for further installations.

Defibrillator Installed At The Kingsdown Vaults in Bristol

The Lazy Dog, Bishopston (Jan 2024)

Special thanks to The Lazy Dog Pub for their collaboration on accommodating our 31st installation! Huge appreciation to Conrad Energy for generously donating the defibrillator after a successful CPR and Defib Training session led by Simon. Defibs4Bristol's general fund also played a crucial role in contributing to the cabinet.

Defibrillator Installed At The Lazy Dog Pub in Bishopston, Bristol

The Masonic Bedminster, North Street (Dec 2023)

Another installation thanks to the generosity of the Walkers & Talkers group. Additional thanks goes to the management of the Masonic and the Wickwar Wessex Pub Company for agreeing to host this potentially life-saving equipment on their premises. 

Defibrillator Installed At The Masonic Pub on North Road, Bedminster

Southmead Health Centre (Sep 2023)

In May 2023, Simon provided CPR and Defibrillator training to the Walkers and Talkers group at Gloucestershire Cricket Club. Inspired by the training, the group raised £5,500 to support increased accessibility of defibrillators in the community.

Thanks to the group's fundraising, this defibrillator was installed outside the entrance to the Southmead Health Centre and will be available 24/7 for anyone at or near the health centre. Well done to the group!

Defibrillator Installed At Southmead Health Centre in Bristol

The Treble Chance Pub, Greystoke Ave (Dec 2022)

Installed as a result of a generous donation from Herschel Infrared and Paul O'Brien. The Defibrillator was activated within 8 days of installation. 

Defibrillator Installed At The Treble Chance Pub  on Greystoke Avenue in Bristol

The Crafty Cow, Gloucester Road (May 2022)

Thanks to the landlord of The Crafty Cow, this third installation on Gloucester road together with a pre-existing one in Berkley Road, means thousands of households either side of Gloucester Road from Cheltenham Road to Horfield Common are now inside the 3-5 minutes critical reach of an AED. 

Funded by a generous donor following his attendance at a training session.

Defibrillator Installed At The Crafty Cow Pub on Gloucester Road, Bristol

C.J. Hole, North Street, Ashton Gate (Apr 2022)

It was obvious that there should be a Defibrillator in this location. Kindly funded by CJ Hole for the local community.


This defibrillator has been used multiple times.

Defibrillator Installed At CJ Hole Estate Agent on North Street, in Ashton Gate, Bristol

Floral Image, Westbury Lane (Feb 2022)

An obvious central location, easy to find for the surrounding community. 

The Defibrillator was used within a relatively brief timeframe after installation.

Defibrillator Installed At Floral Image Shop on Westbury Lane, Bristol

Trojan Gym, South Liberty Lane, Ashton (Jun 2021)

Generously funded by gym members following an approach made to the owner.

Defibrillator Installed At Trojan Gym on South Liberty Lane in Ashton, Bristol. Simon is Surrounded By Employees and Members of the Trojan Gym.

Salvatore's Barbers, Stoke Bishop (May 2021)

Approached community leaders as it was an obvious location. Very grateful that the property owner gave permission for installation.


This Defibrillator has been utilised at least twice, with pads placed on patients.

Defibrillator Installed At Salvatore's Barbers in Stoke Bishop

The Sandringham, Sandy Park, Brislington (Apr 2021)

Fundraising target met by the local community and a local business which helped bridge the final gap.

This Defibrillator has been used twice, once within the first 6 months, where it saved a life with a bystander administering CPR. The patient is still alive today.

View the Bristol Live article here.

Defibrillator Installed At THe Sandringham Pub in Brislington

Bristol Chiropractic, Kellaway Avenue (May 2021)

Installation was achieved via lobbying local businesses and a door-to-door campaign in the local residential areas.

Defibrillator Installed At Bristol Chiropractic on Kellaway Avenue in Bristol

HMP Bristol, Gloucester Road (July 2021)

With thanks to donations from businesses and residents at the top end of Gloucester Road.

Defibrillator Installed At HMP Bristol on Gloucester Road, Bristol

Future Leap, Gloucester Road - Zetland/Cheltenham Rd Junction (Oct 2021)

Funds raised via businesses at the lower end of Gloucester Road. With thanks to Future Leap for housing the Defibrillator. 

This Defibrillator was used on Christmas Eve 2022.

Defibrillator Installed At Future Leap Co-Working Space on Gloucester Road in Bristol

RAFA Club Eastfield, Westbury-on-Trym (Apr 2020)

Funded via a Justgiving page plus a kind donation from Bob Hammond,  who dedicated the defibrillator to his wife. Thanks to the RAFA club for allowing installation on their site.

Defibrillator Installed At The RAFA Club Eastfield in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol

Avon Fire & Rescue, Southmead Road (Apr 2020)

Approached Avon Fire & Rescue who agreed to host the Defibrillator. Unveiled by Joe Joyce of Bristol Bears during COVID.

Defibrillator Installed At Avon Fire & Rescue on Southmead Road in Bristol. Simon Brookes is Joined By Joe Joyce of Bristol Bears Rugby For The Unveiling

White Lion Car Park, Westbury-on-Trym (Dec 2019)

Multiple donations from the public and a previous donor, as well as the staff and patrons of The White Lion pub. 

Defibrillator Installed In The Car Park of The White Lion Pub in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol

Assisted Installations - 9


The Henbury & Brentry Community Centre, Henbury (Feb 2024)

We noticed that the Henbury and Brentry Community Centre had no AED in the box. Simon tried contacting the displayed number several times with no response. One day, he spotted a clue indicating it was affiliated with a food bank, so he returned to meet the guardian. It had been offline since August 2023 when it was legitimately taken but not returned for a month. Working with the guardian, they were able to put it back online and tagged it with their mobile number for quick retrieval if used in the future. We got it back online on February 15th, 2024, after being offline since August 4th, 2023.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 08.55.02.jpeg

Southmead Community Sports, Pen Park Pavilion, Southmead (Jan 2024)

The Southmead Community Sports Centre received assistance to reinstate a crucial CPAD that had been offline for 14 months due to a misunderstanding regarding the Circuit defibrillator database. Thanks to collaborative efforts, the CPAD has been operational since Feb 2024, contributing to the safety and well-being of the community. 

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 08.10.12.jpeg

The Lamplighters Pub, Shirehampton (2023)

Simon happily connected Paula, the Landlady of The Lamplighters pub, with GWAAC to install a life-saving Defibrillator at her pub. Following a solo 20-mile charity walk, Paula raised about £6,000. Not only did this fund a Defibrillator, but we understand there is scope to look at another site too. Well done, Paula! 

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-21 at 10.18.00.jpeg

The Westbury-on-Trym Village Hall (2023)

Recognising the need for quick access to a defibrillator, Simon connected the village hall with GWAAC. The hall hosts many gatherings - from weddings to parties - making it an ideal location for a life-saving device. With events happening frequently, having a defibrillator on site could be critical in an emergency. 


The Downs Cafe, Clifton (2022)

After the Walking Rugby Group fundraised 50% of the cost of a defibrillator, we connected them with GWAAC to cover the remainder. The Polledri family generously funded the balance needed. This enabled a defibrillator to be installed at an important location on the Downs, where it can provide emergency aid to many park goers, athletes and clubs.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-19 at 16.07_edited.jpg

The Luckwell, Bedminster (Feb 2024)

We stumbled upon a CPAD missing from the Defib Finder database. The landlord, Hamish, had spent three nights in the cellar raising funds for it two years ago—an eerie experience, he said. When helping register it on December 29th, 2023, we discovered it lacked a battery. Sorting out the complicated installation involving multiple parties and the brewery took time. After persistent efforts, it went online on February 28th, 2024.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 08.27_edite

Horfield United Reformed Church, Muller Road (2024)

The church took the initiative to fund a defibrillator, which arrived during the challenging times of COVID. They needed assistance to acquire new pads, a bulkhead light, and arrange for an electrician to carry out installation. Congratulations to the church for making strides in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.


The Bear & Rugged Staff, Southmead (2023)

After Simon provided free CPR training at The Bear & Rugged Staff, the pub owners were inspired to fundraise for their own defibrillator. With some collaboration with GWAAC over the next few months, a life-saving device was installed at the busy pub, right at a crucial crossroads in Southmead. 

Bear and Rugged.jpg

The George Inn, Shirehampton (2022)

After a discussion with Gavin, who had seen one of Defib4Bristol's other defibrillators at the White Lion Pub, we connected him with London Hearts. Inspired by the pub's lifesaving device, Gavin generously funded and installed his own defibrillator outside of The George Inn. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-19 at 16.09.45.jpeg
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