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Gloucester Road Defibrillator Installation

Updated: May 1

Gloucester Road gets a new Automated External Defibrillator

Bishopston Matters (Sep 2021)

Immediate CPR and quick access to an automated external defibrillator (AED) increases the chance of survival threefold - from 1 in 10, to 3 in 10. So, it's no wonder local Gloucester Road businesses agreed to fund a second AED on our High Street.

Simon Brookes, a former Community First Responder for South Western Ambulance Service Trust, approached Martin from Joe's Bakery and John from Conran Carpets to ask for their assistance in raising awareness and funds for an AED in their shopping area. Thanks to the generosity of local traders, the team were able to purchase and put in place a new AED, north of Pigsty Hill, by the Golden Lion pub, making the neighbourhood an even safer place to visit.

Simon Brookes at the defibrillator installation, joined by Martin from Joe's Bakery and John from Conran Carpets

Simon Brookes is motivated by having seen first-hand the difference between life and death this equipment can provide. And to date he has facilitated the installation of 16 AEDs across Bristol.

"I was a community first responder for nine years and know that the immediate accessibility of these devices can mean the difference in outcome in the event of a cardiac arrest. Life expectancy drops 10% per minute without intervention and the brain starts to deteriorate after 3 minutes of being starved of oxygen."

Hoping for a collaborative approach, and needing funding to get one set up, Simon was delighted to be met with such a positive response from the Gloucester Road business community, who were only too happy to donate towards the cost of an AED.

So it's with great gratitude we thank Simon and the local businesses involved: Bana Dessert, Boston Tea Party, Bristol Furniture Makers, Chimp House, Conran Carpets, David Giles Butchers, Designers Barber Shop, Evans Entwistle, Express keys, GR Fitness, Horders Electrical, Horfield Quakers - Friends Meeting House, Joe's Bakery, Lona Restaurant, M J Dalton Butchers, Marialina,Oddsox, Osna, Paper Plane, Pawson's Fruit & Veg, Pearce's Hardware, Room 212 and Xpress Signs.

Work has now begun to raise funds to facilitate a third AED on our high street to be positioned on the Prom, near The Gallimaufry. Each unit costs around £1,800 including fitting. The first Gloucester Road AED is fitted at Apple Green petrol station.

If you know of an area that would benefit from having an AED installed and would like some advice on how to go about making this happen, Simon is happy for you to email him directly.

Original article:
The Original Article in Bishopston Matters Magazine

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