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Defibs4Bristol Brings 6 Defibrillators Into Service!

At Defibs4Bristol, our mission has always been crystal clear: to make Bristol a safer place by installing defibrillators in key locations across the city. Spearheaded by our dedicated founder, Simon, our journey has been marked by milestones of progress, community collaboration, and unwavering commitment to emergency preparedness.

As we continue to expand our reach, we're thrilled to share the latest updates on our recent installations and assistance projects.

3 Brand New Installations!

Installation 33: The Kingsdown Vaults, Kingsdown (March 2024)

Thanks to the generous support of a donor and the cooperation of the Kingsdown Vaults landlord, we successfully installed a new CPAD in Kingsdown. This vital addition to the area went live on March 21st. However, the demand for such equipment remains high in this area, underscoring the ongoing need for further installations.

Installation 34: Pioneer At Ridingleaze Surgery, Lawrence Weston (March 2024)

Building upon our previous collaboration with Pioneer Medical Group, we installed two additional units—one each at Ridingleaze Surgery and Avonmouth. With joint funding and support from Defibs4Bristol and the medical group.

Installation 35: Pioneer At Avonmouth, Collins Street, Avonmouth (March 2024)

Our 3rd installation with Pioneer Medical Group, at their Avonmouth location. Once again, a collaborative 50/50 funding effort, combined with government grant support, highlights the power of community-driven initiatives in ensuring public safety.

Our Assists: Bringing Pre-Existing Defibrillators Back Online

In addition to our installation projects, we've been diligently working on 'Assists'—restoring pre-existing defibrillators for public use. Simon's recent endeavours include:

Southmead Community Sports, Pen Park Pavilion, Southmead (January 2024)

Through collaborative efforts, we reinstated a crucial CPAD that had been offline for 14 months. Since February 2024, it has been contributing to the safety and well-being of the Southmead community.

The Luckwell, Bedminster (February 2024)

After uncovering the absence of a CPAD and subsequently identifying a missing battery, we adeptly managed various challenges to facilitate its replacement and restoration, guaranteeing its availability for any emergency situation in the Bedminster area.

The Henbury & Brentry Community Centre, Henbury (February 2024)

After identifying a community centre lacking an AED, we worked tirelessly to reconnect it with its life-saving potential. Recognising its connection to a food bank, we revisited the site and collaborated with the guardian to address the issue. Together, we successfully reinstated the CPAD, which had been offline for almost 6 months, further enhancing emergency preparedness in Henbury.

As our initiatives grow, we urge everyone to stay updated on our website for the latest developments and opportunities to participate. Together, we can make Bristol a safer and more resilient community, one defibrillator at a time.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in the fundraising, installation and reinstatement of the six defibrillators across Bristol. Your support and dedication are invaluable. We're currently working on some exciting new sites and will be in touch soon with more updates.

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