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BBC Radio Somerset: Bristol Rovers & Defibs4Bristol Bleed Kit Collaboration

Recently, Simon Brookes, Founder of Defibs4Bristol, was mentioned on BBC Radio Somerset during an insightful interview between presenter Claire Carter and Adam Tutton, CEO of Bristol Rovers Community Trust. The discussion centred around the vital Bleed Kit training sessions Simon conducted for the staff at Bristol Rovers Football Club.

Adam shed light on the motivation behind the training. With knife crime a pressing issue in Bristol and across the UK, Adam recognised the importance of equipping his team with the skills to respond effectively in potentially critical situations. Given their central role in the community and their work with vulnerable individuals, being prepared for emergencies is paramount.

During the interview, Adam expressed his gratitude to Simon Brookes and Peter Salt, who was a Clinical Nurse Manager at BRI Major Trauma Centre, for their invaluable contributions to the training sessions. While CPR refresher training has been part of Bristol Rovers' regimen, the addition of bleed kit training marks a crucial step forward. Adam emphasised the relevance of such training not only for instances of stabbings but also for traumatic bleeding resulting from accidents like road traffic incidents.

Simon sends his heartfelt thanks to Adam and the entire Bristol Rovers Club for their partnership in addressing this critical issue. He also extends his appreciation to BBC Radio Somerset and Claire Carter for shining a spotlight on the importance of preparedness and community resilience.

You can catch the enlightening feature below, or on BBC Sounds here. The segment begins at 2:09:40.

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