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Defib No. 36 Goes Live Near Sneyd Park

Defibrillator Installation at J's Autofast near Sneyd Park in Bristol

We are thrilled to announce that our 36th defibrillator has gone live at J's Autofast Repairs on Julian Road, just off Sneyd Park.

The site at J's Autofast was strategically chosen for its proximity to a bustling local park, popular among fitness enthusiasts and families alike. Recognising the critical need for emergency readiness in areas of high activity, the team at J's Autofast did not hesitate to step up. They not only acknowledged the importance of having a defibrillator at their location but also generously co-funded the installation.

Simon distributed over 400 leaflets around the neighbourhood to help co-fund this installation. His efforts were particularly remarkable given the challenging weather conditions he faced!

We extend our thanks to J's Autofast and every supporter who has helped get this installation over the line.

With six new and imminent defibrillator installations on the horizon, stay tuned to our blog for updates on these exciting developments.

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