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We've Hit 30 Defibrillator Installations Across Bristol!

Simon has hit an exciting milestone this month - 30 defibrillators installed across Bristol since he began this important work in 2019. Through generosity from the public and local businesses, Defibs4Bristol has been able to introduce devices in many key locations across the city. An additional 6 business owners have also been inspired to relocate defibrillators to the exteriors of their buildings.

The most recent installations bringing Simon's total to 30 are at The Masonic Pub on North Street and Monarch House on Smyth Road. With these new devices, the Bedminster area now has excellent coverage to assist in cardiac emergencies. We are extremely grateful to all the donors and partners for making these two installations possible.

Each new defibrillator represents potential lives saved and supports the outcome of those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. The willingness of neighbourhood businesses and caring individuals to give back in this way is genuinely heartening.

Simon is presently discussing potential locations for additional defibrillator installations over the next few weeks, with several sites currently being considered. We will provide further updates as plans progress. Currently, we have two JustGiving fundraisers accepting donations to assist with ongoing operating costs for some of our locations. Please click this link if you would like to contribute:

Simon wishes to express his profound gratitude for the support that has allowed us to achieve 30 defibrillator installations so far, with more on the way. It is uplifting to see our community come together to drive progress in emergency preparedness and safety. We eagerly look forward to celebrating many more of these vital milestones yet to come!

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