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Staying Prepared: Westbury Harriers Receive Life-Saving Training

The Westbury Harriers running club recently welcomed Simon Brookes of Defibs 4 Bristol to provide hands-on training in CPR and using automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

Club members actively participated in the informative session, gaining vital skills to administer CPR and operate AEDs during cardiac emergencies. The Harriers found the training highly valuable and engaging.

Simon truly appreciates the Westbury Harriers for welcoming him to lead this important training session and commends the club members for actively participating and working to gain these potentially lifesaving skills.

Through Defibs 4 Bristol, Simon works to make Bristol safer by installing publicly accessible defibrillators across the city. His nonprofit work relies on donor generosity to fund the purchase and maintenance of the lifesaving devices.

Those inspired to further support Simon's mission can get involved in upcoming events or make a donation by contacting him directly through email or the website's contact form.

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