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Spot No.38 - At The Gloucester Old Spot!

The new defibrillator installed on The Gloucester Old Spot pub in Bristol

The Gloucester Old Spot pub has now become the latest addition to Bristol's defibrillator network! This vital life-saving device was installed at the pub, filling a crucial gap in the local emergency response infrastructure.

The initiative was initially spearheaded by Simon from Defibs4Bristol, who reached out to Amy, the landlady of The Gloucester Old Spot, with a proposal to install a defibrillator. Recognising the importance of the device, Amy enthusiastically took on the challenge of raising the necessary funds. Her successful fundraising efforts highlight the community's commitment to safety and preparedness.

The Old Spot's central location is strategic, bridging vital gaps between our other defibrillator sites at Bristol Chiropractic on Kellaway Avenue, The Beehive at Wellington Hill West, and the Crafty Cow on Gloucester Road.

Simon provided expert advice on the selection and installation of the defibrillator and its cabinet, ensuring that the equipment was both accessible and secure.

We are pleased to announce that the defibrillator went live tonight, marking a significant step forward in community health and safety. The installation not only enhances the safety net for pub-goers and local residents but also serves as a testament to what can be achieved when community leaders like Amy and organisations like Defibs4Bristol come together.

Many thanks to Amy, her patrons, and the local community who got this over-the-line!

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