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Southmead RFC vs Southmead FC: A Fun-Filled Fundraiser for Defibs4Bristol

This past weekend, Southmead Rugby Football Club and Southmead Football Club came together for the second of two charity fundraiser matches, organised by Danny Collins, Chair of Southmead RFC.

The highlight of the event was a thrilling football match where Southmead FC triumphed over the rugby club with a 4-2 victory. The matches were filled with fun, laughter, and even a few rugby tackles!

The first match took place on June 15th, setting the stage for this weekend’s exciting rematch. In addition to the exciting matches, the community have enjoyed various activities, including raffles, a BBQ, sweets, and a bouncy castle.

These efforts, along with player registration fees, are set to raise an impressive £200 for Defibs4Bristol initiatives.

Simon Brookes, the driving force behind Defibs4Bristol, was there to celebrate with the lads. He had previously conducted a preseason CPR and defibrillator training session with Southmead RFC, highlighting the importance of life-saving skills and equipment.

Simon expresses his heartfelt gratitude to both Southmead Rugby Club and Southmead Football Club for their dedication to making Bristol a safer place through their support of the installation and maintenance of life-saving defibrillators. A special thank you goes to Danny Collins for his proactive efforts and exceptional organisation skills.

You can see more information about the matches on Southmead RFC's Facebook group here:

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