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Simon Guides BBC Radio Bristol Through Defibrillator Use for Women

In a recent segment on BBC Radio Bristol, Simon engaged in a vital discussion with Andy Bennett, shedding light on the crucial topic of using defibrillators on women.

The conversation, which took place on Friday, 12th January, follows findings from a 2019 study conducted by the University of Amsterdam. The study revealed a concerning statistic: only 68% of women are likely to receive bystander CPR compared to 73% of men.

Simon, with his expertise and commitment to community well-being through Defibs4Bristol, took the opportunity to share valuable insights into the factors contributing to this gap in CPR administration.

During the radio segment, Simon navigated through the procedures of using a defibrillator on women, acknowledging the sensitivities surrounding such situations. The discussion aimed to bridge the knowledge gap, ensuring that individuals are equipped with the necessary skills to provide life-saving assistance regardless of gender.

Simon expresses his gratitude to Andy Bennett and BBC Radio Bristol for providing a platform to address this critical issue.

Click play on the video above to listen to the segment.

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