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Our 26th Defibrillator Goes Live in Hengrove

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Simon was pleased to add Defibrillator No. 26 to the local area of Hengrove.

The location couldn't be better for this one, a very prominent position at Hengrove Parade which covers a large catchment of local residents and visitors to the shops.

Two people had collapsed earlier this year in the immediate area, with one requiring a Defibrillator.​

Sincere Thanks to the owner of AFC Taxis for agreeing to have the cabinet put outside his Rank and making a donation. Thanks also to generous donations from the owner of Best One convenience store and the Pharmacy. The rest of the funds came via the local community following a door-to-door fundraising campaign.

Many Thanks to the local florists at Don Gays who were also of great help, making donations and keeping spirits high during this long campaign!

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